About J L Hardee


This is the official blog of J. L. Hardee.

Just a Bit About Me

I was born in Myrtle Beach, SC. I’m a graduate of the SC & NC Fire Academy’s, certified as a Firefighter I & II, Fire Officer III, Fire Instructor, and Fire Marshal. I am also a certified Chief Fire Officer and a previous member of the NC Association of Fire Chiefs. I also held certification as an NREMT- Paramedic, certified in NC & SC. I served a total of 18 years in the fire service, with 15 years as a career fireman. Through my years in the fire service I worked as a firefighter, driver/engineer, paramedic, instructor and fire chief.

While working in the fire service, I always had to maintain a part-time job. I did so working for various types of restaurants. After leaving the fire service, I opened my own restaurant/bar. I figured out very quickly that it required a lot of hours and wasn’t conducive with family life. So, my wife and I decided to sell the business and move to Florida.

After moving to Florida, I got bored and decided to go back to college to learn how to operate computers.  Now I have a dual BSIS degree in Cyber Forensics/Info Security and Management Info Systems. This degree taught me many things, but the three major concentrations were in Data Recovery, Info Security and Web Design/Coding.

I have been writing for years, with my first published work while I was in high school in 1992. I never thought of pursuing writing as a career until my family started nagging me about trying to get my works published. I never thought of letting anyone read anything that I wrote and I was also a little nervous about that. I eventually gave in. I’ve completed many manuscripts already, but they have to be polished up to be published. I decided to publish Justice or Injustice first because it is a true story and the most important of my writings because it really does affect everyone. My writings hit many genre’s such as murder mysteries, cook books and a few sad stories about life.

On a personal note, I’m married with a few kids. I have a son from a previous marriage and three daughters with my current wife. For my kids’ sake, their safety mostly, I do all of my web posting, books, and other things under my initials. I don’t care who knows me, my name or who I am, but I’ve already had some crazed fans trying to exploit my kids, using their photos and such. That’s the primary reason I try to maintain some level of privacy, not for me, but for my innocent children. So, for those of you that do know my name and anything about me, I ask that you keep those things private and don’t share them.

Thank you for visiting. I’m always going to remain available to my friends and fans. I’ve quit monitoring/managing my social media profiles, such as FB, Twitter, Goodreads, and this webpage. I’m still available though, just send me a message through the Contact J L Hardee page. It sends an email directly to my phone.



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