UBER in Broward County Florida

For those of you that don’t know me, please explore my blog to learn a bit about me. One thing not mentioned much is that I began working for Uber as a partner/driver in February of this year. Since I live in beautiful South Florida, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to earn money and meet new people driving around the city/county I love.

When I began working with Uber in Broward County, it was fairly new. Uber had only become available in August of 2014. So, I began working with them just 5 months after they arrived. It wasn’t long before I was hooked. I’ll tell you now — I love me some UBER. I’m not just a driver, but also a customer and I love it from both sides. Uber isn’t perfect though and I’m going to be discussing some issues on both sides of the aisle, from a driver and user’s perspective.

Since I live in Broward County, I’ve experienced and witnessed firsthand the struggles with Uber trying to fit its technology service into Old Broward Politics.

Big Brother doesn’t like change and Broward County is no different. Broward County and the Taxi services have held a monopoly over the transportation industry for decades and giving up a piece of that pie to a new provider hasn’t come easy. When I say that Broward County itself holds a monopoly with the Taxi service, its no exaggeration. Broward County tells taxis how much they can charge and they make money off of every trip. The county makes even more off of trips to/from the airport and seaport. $3-4 of your taxi bill when traveling to/from the airport or seaport goes directly to Broward County. I think they use these funds for new construction to pay for updates at the airport, but who really knows.

So, when Uber comes along and puts a huge dent into the Taxi’s customer base, its not just the Taxi businesses taking a financial hit. Broward County has lost thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to Uber. I’d say that at least half of the Taxi business has moved over to Uber and it has had everyone in an uproar. And its all about money!

Uber is fighting an uphill battle to gain acceptance and be able to operate in Broward County and its not Uber vs. Taxi, its Uber vs. Taxi and Broward County Commission.

Follow my blog and future posts for more on UBER vs. Taxi Industry and UBER vs. Broward County. I’m also going to be discussing some topics about Uber’s service, their customer service, fees, pay practices, insurance and regulations. Tune in!


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