The Face of Corruption in Baker County, FL – Judge Phyliss M. Rosier

Judge Rosier

Judge Phyliss M. Rosier, 8th Judicial Circuit, Baker County Florida.

This would be such a great country that we live in if it weren’t for people like Judge Phyliss M. Rosier. Yet another corrupt judge. Our government is filled with corruption and she is just one of many, but you should know what the face of corruption looks like.

I’ve been fighting for the last 10 years to get visitation rights with my son. I couldn’t afford to compete with my ex-wife’s money (her parent’s money) and eventually had to appear for our custody hearing without a lawyer. Prior to the hearing, the Judge advised me that I should get an attorney. I informed her that I couldn’t afford one. She let the hearing proceed, only to deny my motion, which was properly filed by my previous attorney. In her ruling, she denied me any rights to my son, issued a no-contact order and put a very harsh order in requiring that I have an attorney to represent me to petition the court for visitation.

Isn’t this a country based on freedom and allowing people access to the courts, where no man should be required to spend thousands of dollars on counsel to be able to file a motion for a hearing with the court??

I filed motions trying to fight her order, but they were refused because the order said I had to have an attorney to file motions. She basically completely blocked me from the courts, knowing I could never afford the restrictions she placed upon me. It was done deliberately and viciously. She is pure evil and exactly the type of person that should never be allowed to be in any form of government.

Her ruling hasn’t just impaired me, it has made a child grow up without a father. She has forever changed the lives of two people with one order.

If you have any cases pending in Baker County Florida in front of Judge Phyliss M. Rosier, I suggest you file a motion to recuse her or for a change of venue to get a different judge. This one doesn’t follow the law, fairness or any sense of right and wrong. She sides with certain local lawyers and anyone who lines her pockets. If you can’t afford justice, you won’t get any in front of her.

Another pic of the Corrupt Judge, Phyliss M. Rosier


UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE!!!: This article was originally published Aug 2014. In Dec 2014, Judge Phyliss M. Rosier was forced to retire after complaints were filed with the Judicial Review Board. The board elected not to pursue a case against the corrupt judge in Baker County if she resigned. She retired effective Dec 31, 2014.

It was way too late for me to be able to see my son grow up, but maybe other fathers and sons won’t have to endure what we went through now that this judge is gone.

My son turns 18 this year. I’ve finally been able to hire a lawyer. The custody order is mute now and the custody case closed. The new lawyer will be working to get the injunction/no contact order dismissed. Hopefully my son will soon learn of the efforts I have endured to be able to see him. I haven’t been able to see him in over 10 years, but I’ve still continued to send financial support to his mother, for him, each week.

Maybe we will be able to go fishing again together one day. He used to be my weekend fishing buddy until his mother ran off with him. While I hope that he never learns of the things his mother did, unfortunately for him to overcome the lies that she’s told, he will have to hear the other side of the story one day. When he’s ready to learn the truth, there are many that will share it with him, along with court records and other evidence to show him the truth. Unfortunately for his mother and her parents, once he learns the truth, he will despise them and they will be lucky if he wants anything to do with them again.


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