Shepherd’s Pie Recipe by J L Hardee

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J. L. Hardee

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Shepherd’s Pie is simple to make and most recipes are very similar if not the same. The one thing that makes mine different from most is the home-made gravy that I put in the dish. Some recipes have gravy, but mine doesn’t come from a package.

I’m not going to make this until after the SEC Championship game today, after my Gators win of course. So, you’ll have to wait for the video to watch me make it, but here’s the recipe.

Shepherd’s Pie

The portions sizes are totally dependent on how many people you are feeding. It can be made with small amounts or even larger amounts. Since I always have at least 5 eating and I make extras, I use larger size portions. Most of you can cut these measurements in half.

2-3lbs of Ground Beef

2-3lbs of Potatoes

1 small package of…

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