What’s For Lunch — Fried Pork Loin/BBQ SW

What's For Lunch -- Fried Pork Loin/BBQ SW

This is one of my favorite sandwiches and its so easy to make. It does require some cooking and a lil mess, but it’s so good.


Pork Loin – Sliced 1/8-1/4″


Cooking Oil

Carolina Treet BBQ Sauce

Sliced Cheese – I use Muenster

Hamburger Buns – Large ones


For those of you that have a deep fryer, that makes it even easier, but at home I pan fry it.

Lightly bread pork loin slices with flour, seasoning optional, wont really need it because you’re adding BBQ sauce.

In a large skillet/frying pan, heat oil on med high. Fry pork chops until brown on each side.

Remove and place on plate with towel to dry. In a large mixing bowel, pour in 1/4 of bottle of Carolina Treet. Toss the pork loin chops in the BBQ Sauce.

I use two slices double layer sw on each bun, place cheese on top and throw the entire sw in the toaster til the cheese is melted.

It takes less cook and prep time than making your own burgers and it’s tasty.


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