Tablets to Teach Technology – A note to J L Hardee

Tablets To Teach Technology A Mathematics project in North Carolina
Oct 5, 2013
Dear J L Hardee,
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the two tablets you funded for my class. What a blessing it has been to start off the year with these essential tools. They have been a huge hit. Just mention the tablets and you have everyone’s attention. In today’s world technology is crucial and will be even more so by the time these children enter the work force. Thanks to your generosity these children are getting a head start. Kindergarten children are active learners who like to move, explore and most of all try new thing with technology. Your generous gift made this possible. Every day the children ask when is it my turn to use the tablets or what new game did you find for us to play? It is astounding how intrigued they are and how much they are learning. Not only are they learning about reading, math, science, and social studies they are also learning to navigate and use technology independently to research animals and places that we read about. They are already beginning to work with partners or groups to research topics such as weather, apples, and animals. Then they are reporting what they are learning to the rest of the class. Other skills they are learning are collaboration and team work. Even our parents are getting into the fun. They are sending in names of apps and activities they have found that might interest the children. I am amazed at how excited the children and their parents are about the addition of these tablets to our classroom. I knew the children would be excited but I did not realize that these tablets would encourage parents to become actively involved in our day to day activities. Thanks to your generosity the children in my class and their parents are experiencing what it means to help others unselfishly. These resources are also reinforcing the importance of education and how it impacts our community and country. Our children need role models and you have definitely become one to them. I cannot express my deepest appreciation for the materials you purchased for us. It is so thrilling to hear the children ask to learn. Just to see the excitement of them learning is awesome. Thanks to special people like you my children will have many opportunities to explore and learn. You have made a difference in my classroom, not only for this year but years to come.
With gratitude,
Mrs. Hower
South Lexington School in Lexington, NC

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