Did You Ever Love? by J. L. Hardee

Did You Ever Love?

By: JL Hardee

© 1992

Did you ever love someone,

And know that they didn’t love you,

And at night wonder

What good it would do?

Did you ever look inside their heart

And wish that you were there?

Did you ever look inside their eyes

And say a little prayer?

Have you ever seen them walk away

And not want them to go,

And quietly whisper,

“Gosh, How I love you so”?

If you ever fall in love, my friend,

You’ll find it doesn’t pay.

It’s not worth the heartache

It causes every day.

So, I pray, don’t fall in love,

You’ll be hurt before it’s through.

You see, my friend,

I ought to know,

For I fell in love with you!

JL Hardee © 1992

First Published in 1992 in : A Journey With Words, Volume III, 1991-1992.

Writings of Loris High School Students.


One response to “Did You Ever Love? by J. L. Hardee

  1. As a matter of fact, this applies to how I feel about your mother…I have loved her for almost the entirety of my adult life, unconditionally. Never thought for one moment that our “best friend” relationship could ever end…but I was so wrong. My heart has ached for so long to repair our relationship but she will not respond. Sent her a birthday text yesterday to try one more time to reach out to her and as usual, no response. Your poem really expresses the emotion of a lost love…even though it was not a romantic love, it was a deep bonded love and your words hit home to me. Thanks for sharing.

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