Social Security Sex

I’ve been out on the porch enjoying some beers with the guys. It’s our Wednesday night cookout/beer party. Anyway, I had to come back in to share a little joke with you from one of my friends. Here goes:

Well, my friend just got back from vacation with his wife. They took a Caribbean cruise to different spots in Mexico. While they were on the cruise, they went to a comedy show on board.

At the show, the comedian started off his performance by asking all of the audience members if they were getting any sex while they were on the cruise.

The comedian walked up to a guy and said, “Sir, are you getting any sex on this cruise?”

The man, “Sure, lots of it.”

The comedian goes to another guy on the other side of the stage and asks, “How about you sir, are you getting any sex on this cruise?”

The gentleman replied, “I’ve had more sex on this cruise than any other time in my life.”

The comedian said, “Wow, that’s awesome.” Then he went to the next guy.

“Sir, what about you, are you getting some sex?”

The older gentleman replied, “Of course, Social Security Sex.”

The comedian stepped back, and replied, “What the Hell is Social Security Sex?”

The old gentleman replied, “I get a lil bit once a month, but not enough to live on.”

Hope you enjoyed your cruise!


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