About my book, Justice or Injustice? What Really Happens in a Jury Room

Please join me in a discussion about my book, Justice or Injustice. I’d be happy to answer any questions and invite you to share your opinions about the book or the case it is about. Let me begin by telling you that this book is based on a True Crime, a Capital Murder Trial in Myrtle Beach, SC. It involves the case of State of SC vs Kimberly Renee Poole. The book is not about the crime itself though, or the guilt or innocence of the accussed. The book focuses on my personal experiences being called into jury duty and what happened in the jury room during deliberations. For me, I had no idea what serving on a jury would be like or how I would react having to make a tough decision that would affect someone for the rest of their life. I highly recommend that everyone read this. Even if you aren’t a big reader, this one was written to allow even the modest readers to follow. All of us could be affected by this. If you are subject to being called to jury duty or have a family member or yourself subject to the mercy of a jury one day, you will find this information very enlightening. Hope you enjoy and will share your thoughts.


2 responses to “About my book, Justice or Injustice? What Really Happens in a Jury Room

  1. I just finished reading Justice or Injustice, which at my request our local library now has a copy available for check out to other patrons. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and learned much from reading it. This book was very well written and extremely informative. Reading it really helped to educate me and hopefully many others will read it and learn much about what serving on a jury is like in the process. I will look forward to reading future J.L. Hardee books, as well. Thanks.

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