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Welcome to the Official Webpage/Blog of J L Hardee.

I’ve had to put my dream of writing to the side to concentrate on caring for my children. My hopes that writing would eventually support my family didn’t work. I haven’t quit writing completely. I’ve just quit trying to publish. The costs are more than I can afford or risk without guarantees of a return. Its more important for my family for me to spend time concentrating on things that do support the children.

So, I’ve shelved all of the books that I’ve completed and left them to my children to publish one day if they desire.

I still work on websites, so if anyone needs one built, feel free to send me a message. I also still have my recipes and while I don’t intend to publish the book, I’m happy to share them.

I’ve stopped monitoring/managing my FB, twitter and this webpage. If anyone needs to reach me, send a message through the contact form. It sends an email directly to my phone.

I will leave the book, Justice or Injustice? What Really Happens in a Jury Room, published. It will be offered free a few times each quarter on Amazon. It’s also set at the bare minimum price that amazon allows. Please continue to share and post your reviews.



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