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This is the official blog of J. L. Hardee.

Just a Bit About Me

I was born in Myrtle Beach, SC. I’m a graduate of the SC & NC Fire Academy’s, certified as a Firefighter I & II, Fire Officer III, Fire Instructor, and Fire Marshal. I am also a certified Chief Fire Officer and a previous member of the NC Association of Fire Chiefs. I also held certification as an NREMT- Paramedic, certified in NC & SC. I served a total of 18 years in the fire service, with 15 years as a career fireman. Through my years in the fire service I worked as a firefighter, driver/engineer, paramedic, instructor and fire chief.

While working in the fire service, I always had to maintain a part-time job. I did so working for various types of restaurants. After leaving the fire service, I opened my own restaurant/bar. I figured out very quickly that it required a lot of hours and wasn’t conducive with family life. So, my wife and I decided to sell the business and move to Florida.

After moving to Florida, I got bored and decided to go back to college to learn how to operate computers.  Now I have a dual BSIS degree in Cyber Forensics/Info Security and Management Info Systems. This degree taught me many things, but the three major concentrations were in Data Recovery, Info Security and Web Design/Coding.

I have been writing for years, with my first published work while I was in high school in 1992. I never thought of pursuing writing as a career until my family started nagging me about trying to get my works published. I never thought of letting anyone read anything that I wrote and I was also a little nervous about that. I eventually gave in. I’ve completed many manuscripts already, but they have to be polished up to be published. I decided to publish Justice or Injustice first because it is a true story and the most important of my writings because it really does affect everyone. My writings hit many genre’s such as murder mysteries, cook books and a few sad stories about life.

My next book to publish was my cookbook, which will be titled “Nobble’s Nibbles”. However, after researching the costs of publishing, including the marketing costs, I’ve decided to put publishing that on hold and decided to share my recipes with you for free.

I still have some other books that I’m working on, but I’m multitasking so I can’t tell you when I’ll be done with them.

On a personal note, I’m married with a few kids. I have a son from a previous marriage and three daughters with my current wife. For my kids’ sake, their safety mostly, I do all of my web posting, books, and other things under my initials. I don’t care who knows me, my name or who I am, but I’ve already had some crazed fans trying to exploit my kids, using their photos and such. That’s the primary reason I try to maintain some level of privacy, not for me, but for my innocent kids. So, for those of you that do know my name and anything about me, I ask that you keep those things private and don’t share them.

Thank you for visiting. I’m always going to remain available to my friends and fans, so if you ever wanna chat, just send me a message on here or through some of my links listed below.



You can email me at author.jlhardee@live.com or thru my CONTACT page

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